The difference in “Impress Loc & Slay” versus other products on the market is that it is the all in one product for locs, which is the first for dreadlock hair products.  With this one bottle you have your oil,gel, scalp soother, and foam in one.   When using other locking gels, creames, waxes etc stylist have to use oils, spritz, foam wrap and many other products just to get the hair to shine or hold but with 'Loc & Slay' all off this is achieved with in our perfect formula for locs.   Not only does the other products make you use more products  and spend more money, they also leave build up and cause itchy scalp and dullness to hair roots.   When  clients use our product they quickly notice  no more build up and feel a healthier feeling scalp and see hair growth.  

Not only is Loc & Slay a great product, it also bottled  with the busy stylist in mind.  It comes equipped with an easy trigger spray point making it easier for stylist to dispense while not causing hand strain.  Loc and Slay is packaged and produce for  locticians and  lovers of healthy locs and haircare.

1 Impress Loc & Slay the Best For Loc Retwist/Interlocking and More

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