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For over 4 years beginning in  February 2014 Sakeenah H. has mixed and formulated “Impress Loc & Slay”  which is the first all in one hair product for Loc maintenance.  Sakeenah decided to develop a product for locs after using numerous  loc styling products on the market. With over 18 years experience of servicing locs within a salon, she practically went through every gel, wax, cream, and so many other products. Each product she felt just did not give her the look, hold, or long lasting effect she was looking for.


First she started out mixing different products together, after a while she went to purchasing batches of bulk ingredients to formulate what she knew her clients needed. After numerous trials and errors  good, bad, and horrible batches she finally came up with the perfect mix .  First tested on her clients, then with all stylist within her salon , she finally came up with the perfect formula for loc maintenance, Loc & Slay which lauched worldwide  June 2018. 


Now Impress Loc and Slay is being used by stylist worldwide and even clients who service their own hair at home.  Loc & Slay gives a one of a kind shine, and hold to locs.  The difference in “Impress Loc & Slay” versus other products is that it is an all in one product, which is the first for hair locking products.  Loc and Slay is " All in One" which means no need for oils or any other product.  All you need is Loc and Slay! Providing the best shine,  easy to use, eliminates frizz, non sticky and formulated with the best hold you ever seen! When using other locking gels, creames, waxes etc stylist have to use oils, spritz, foam wrap and many other products just to get the hair to shine or hold.  With cutting out additional products stylist can save money and foucs on custmer satifaction. Not only does the other products make you spend more money on products they also leave build up and cause itchy scalp.  Your clients will quickly notice not only no more build up, but no more itchy or dry scalp.  This is why “Impress Loc & Slay” is above any other dreadlock maintance product.  It helps with hair growth,prevents dry and itchy scalp, gives great shine and has a lasting hold. 

Loc & Slay is also bottled with a easy trigger spray point to make it easier for stylist to dispense and avoids cross contamination like other products .  Loc and Slay's  fine mist sprayer caps makes it perfectly easy for repetitive usage with no hand strain and easy dispensing. 


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